NCS-National Career Service

NCS-National Career Service: To enable the people of India to take their destiny into their own hands and be competitive in the global arena, the Government of India has launched three important initiatives. Make in India which will generate employment opportunities, Skill India which will bring to the fore skilled manpower and Digital India which will bring the power of the Internet and technology to the vast majority.

NCS-National Career Service

Now, National Career Service (NCS) is where it all comes together. Bridging the gap between those who need jobs and those who want to hire them, between people seeking career guidance and training and those who can provide the counselling and training. Bringing job-seekers, employers, counsellors, trainers and placement organisations together on one platform by offering convergence of information that enlightens minds and empowers people.

National Career Service aims at reaching out to people across the country, in particular the youth, through a well-designed structure that comprises an ICT-based portal, a countrywide set-up of career centres, a multilingual call centre, and a network of career counsellors. The chain of Common Service Centres across the country is another important channel through which NCS can reach far and wide.

Aims of NCS-National Career Service

National Career Service Portal – Job opportunities at the click of a button: The NCS Portal links job-seekers, employers, counsellors and training providers, all through Aadhaar-based authentication, Registration is online and fee of charge.

The portal provides information on over 3000 career options from 53 key industry sectors – from IT to Textiles, Construction to Automobiles, Pharma and much more. Job-seekers also have access to industry trends in a user-friendly way.

Career Centres: Hubs of career – related services, In case people are unable to rigister online, they can register themselves by visiting the nearest Career Centre and get notifications on all kinds of jobs, career counseling, job fairs and various other employment – related services. The Government is transforming Employment Exchanges and University Employment Information Guidance Bureaus into Career Centres.

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Job-seekers: Job-seekers can now make an informed decision by going through the 3000+ career options available to them from as many as 53 industry sectors on the NCS platform. All they have to do is register online on the portal or offline at Career Centrers or CSCs. They can get career guidance through counselling, attend job fairs and career exhibitions, all of which will enable them to make the right choice of career and succeed.

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Enabling Employers to pick the right talent: Employers can now locate the talent most appropriate for their organisations by looking through a countrywide database of workforece from blue-collar workers to white collar staff. They simply need to register, at no charge, online or offline, post jobs, search and select job-seekers with the right profile and make job offers as necessary. And they are sure to find the best talent for growth.

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Counsellor: Should a job-seeker be confused about which career to choose, or what job to move to for better prospects or whether a skill upgradation is needed to land a better job, he or she can now turn to one of the career counsellors of the NCS. They are a part of a countrywide network of experts who can provide valuble guidance. Job-seekers can view their profiles, contact numbers and book appointments online to get going. The mode of counselling – telephonic, in-person or video conferencing is up to the job-seeker. Those who have completed schooling or are fresh graduates, can browse through the courses offered by the training provides to enhance their skills, including IT skills and soft skills. With skill enhancement,they can look for better employment.

How to Register in NCS

Candidates First Visit
Next click on “New User? Sign Up” Option
Fill Up Your Personal Details

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More Details : Candidates are strongly advised to read official notification for detailed information about National Career Service.

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