OPSC Jr. Assistant Syllabus Scheme

OPSC Syllabus and Exam Scheme for Jr. Assistant Post : Odisha Public Service Commission has published Syllabus, Scheme and Subjects for the Examination for Junior Assistant Post. OPSC Junior Assistant Recruitment 2014 will be held on September 2014 . Interested candidates can check OPSC Exam Syllabus and Exam Scheme for Junior Assistant post Recruitment 2014 . Further details for OPSC Junior Assistant post Recruitment Syllabus and Exam Scheme are as below…

Important NOTE for OPSC Exam Scheme

1. The standard of examination shall be equivalent to the of Higher Secondary Examination.
2. Those who will qualify the written test shall be called for the practical skill test.
3. The practical skill test shall be of qualifying nature.
4. There will be negative marking in Paper-II & III (objective type) for wrong answers i.e. @25% of the allotted mark to a particular question.

Syllabus of OPSC Junior Assistant Post Exam 2014

1. Language Test (English and Odia)
A. English Language Test :-
(a) GRAMMAR : 20 Marks
1. Verbs: Tenses, Active and Passive Voice, Subject-verb concord, non-finite verb forms (infinitives and participles).
2. Sentence Structure : Connectors , Types of sentences, Types of Phrases and Clause, Direct & Indirect speech, Comparison.
3. Others Areas : Determines, Pronouns, Prepositions
(b) READING. (10 marks)
Unseen passage (400-500 words in length) with a variety of comprehension questions including vocabulary.
(C) WRITING (20 Marks)
1. Essay writing on familiar topics (within 250 words) (10 Marks)
2. Letter Writing (Personal letter, applications, Business and Official) (within 150 words) (10 marks).
(a) Grammar : 20 Marks
1. Transformation of Sentences
I. Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative, Exclamatory
II. Simple, Compound, Complex
2. Transformation of words : 02 Marks
3. Sandhi : 02 Marks
4. Samasa : 03 Marks
5. Antonyms and Synonyms : 02 Marks
6. Correction of common errors is words : 02 Marks
7. Idioms and Phrases : 02 Marks
8. Taddhita and Khudanta : 02 Marks
9. Punctuation Marks : 02 Marks
(b) COMPOSITION : 20 Marks
1. Essay writing on familiar topics and personality : 10 Marks
2. Letter Writing (Personal letter, applications, Business and Official) : 05 Marks
3. Translation (One English passage of around 100 words to be translated into Odia) : 05 Marks
(C) Comprehension of an unseen passage : ((5 x 2 ) = 10 marks) 
 (Five short questions to be asked) 
2. General Knowledge :- In this category, there should be a series (100 Marks) 
 of questions of different categories like – 
 (a). Matching Historical events with dates, personalities and places, 
 (b) Geographical facts with places, 
 (c). States, Countries and Institutions with headquarters. 
 (d) Books and authors, 
 (e) Scientific facts and discoveries with dates, persons and uses, 
 (f) Current events with places and personalities, and 
 (g) Matching questions of miscellaneous type. 
3. Mathematics :- (100 marks) 
(i) Fractions and Decimals, 
(ii) Percentage 
(iii) Average, 
(iv) Simple Interest and Compound Interest, 
(v) Rates and Taxes, Insurance, 
(vi) Profit, Loss and Discount, 
(vii) Mixtures 
(viii) Partnership, 
(ix) Problems on Time and Work, 
(x) Problems on Time and Distance 
(xi) Ratio and Proportion 
(xii) Statistics. 
Under this, there will be a series of question in practical Mathematics required for day-to-day use. The questions would be such as to test candidate’s ability to work out with quickness and accuracy. 
 4. Basic Computer Skills :- (100 marks) 
 a. MS Windows : Introduction of Windows, 
 b. MS Office : MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel & MS Access. 
5. Practical Skill Test : Topics for practical test – (50 Marks) 
I. WINDOWS operating system. 
To test some of the following basic system operations on file/folder(s): 
  • Create, Rename, Copy/Cut/Paste, Delete. 
  • Using Clipboard. 
II. MS Word. 
A Paragraph in MS Word incorporating some of the tools given below to be tested during the examination. 
  • Editing and Formatting test and paragraph. 
  • Page and Paragraph Setup. 
  • Inserting pictures and Word Art. 
III. MS Power Point. 
 A Power Point presentation with 2/3 slides using some of the tools given below to 
be tested during the examination: 
  • Editing and formatting slides. 
IV. MS Excel. 
A problem in spreadsheet related to some of the tools given below to be tested during the examination: 
  • Formatting Cells and data. 
  • Functions & Formula (Relative, absolute and Mixed reference) 
V. MS Access. 
 A problem in MS Access related to some of the tools given below to be tested 
during the examination: 
  • Creating and entering data into a database. 
  • Setting the primary key. 
*Printouts of the document(s) should be attached with the answer sheet.” 

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